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    That’s a good point jbettin. Ideally yes, shield should protect against anything that would cause harm for things in it’s reach (in the new AI system), the exact technical solution is still WIP

    in reply to: Grain Bug #781

    Good catch! Will look into it

    in reply to: Lost acc #778

    Hi tim

    Sorry to hear about the lost progress

    We recently redid our save system and unfortunately this did happen to some folks

    Soon there will be cloud save which should help a ton with save instabilities

    in reply to: Workers/kingdom #774

    There’s little spaces in the task window where you can plop down another meeple after you reached tier 2 for that building. We’ll make it more intuitive but for now it’s a way to slightly reduce task times without any real opportunity cost. Tier 2 tasks also generate significantly more resources. Town tier will give you some power score for each star and tier and field tier affects how fast you can spend out your “spirit” or “grains” or however you wanna call them 😀

    in reply to: Magic shields #773

    Basically they go off somewhat in the order you placed them… usually…

    Currently there’s no real “intelligence” to speak of in the shields, which is something we’re looking to fix as we are doing our AI revamps 🧐

    For example: The shield should detect a cannon is in it’s fuse time, aimed at you, and deploy right as it launches

    in reply to: Questions and suggestions 😅👍 #772

    9. The garrison has archers in addition to swordsmen ? Or a new type of garrison…

    Not yet but I hope we can add them!

    10. We didn’t forget our main enemy the witch in the introduction lol, so maybe a compaign where we battle her various minions and free the innocent villagers 😜

    I hear you :)) May be Bianca will return as some kind of boss level…

    11. This is a crazy idea: in order to upgrade your castle you need various resources, like food and people to train soldiers, and wood iron gold for walls and weapons.. so you have to manage a city by gathering resources and building houses farms and camps… for example, instead of getting a ballista from the treasure chest, you will need to make it with wood iron and coins

    There’s certainly more stuff I wanna do with the Kingdom but limiting castle building I don’t want in a way that is in friction with creativity — what I mean is you should be able to try stuff out and do adjustments. How resources will be cool to use is they allow you to work towards the kind of strategy you wanna employ, but you can still always make changes to your path. Does that make sense?

    in reply to: Shop suggestions #771

    Yep for sure!

    Sorry to hear about your phone.

    Unfortunately there’s no cloud save quite yet, however we will be able to use it soon and it’s gonna be linked on a device basis and then later on we can add Facebook linking and such.

    in reply to: LEARNING MECHANICS #762

    Save slots is something we’re looking to add for sure!

    About material buffs and such: Currently the only room that affects your castle is Crystal which has an additive cooldown reduction for all spells (read: arcane shields) in your castle as well as potent local (the shield in the material) cooldown reduction. We wanna do more buffs configurations but the exact details of that is still work in progress.

    in reply to: Magic shields #761

    Or just make them AI smarter? 🤔

    in reply to: Best Durn Castle #760

    And what is a wasp?

    Sorry it wasn’t in patch notes but T2 / T3 weapons have flavor names now 😅

    Wasp is T2 ballista

    in reply to: Questions and suggestions 😅👍 #759

    Hi hyjuki! Thank you kindly 😊 Great feedback, we will try to make things clearer.

    1. The purpose of the grains should be explained, I thought it was necessary to start battles and wondered why it can’t be plundered from enemies lol.

    Oof sorry about that. Yeah it’s there for game balance of the treasure. Would it help if points cost is shown on the button?

    2. What is the counter 1/1 under the grains ? Is it possible for explanations to appear when we press resources or materials with informations like defense and DPS… ?

    We’re looking to add more granular info. Currently there’s the help buttons for kingdom but we could also add more of those elsewhere.

    3. We get medals from battles but is there a leaderboard ?

    Currently there’s no public leaderboard. It’s likely to be added but the exact format is still under considerations

    4. How to know if we are attacking players or bots? I guess we can’t judge by names lol. Can you add battles history so we know if we successfully defended and maybe do revenge ?

    Basically if it seems the castle has way too much stuff for their level it’s a bot 😅 We’re trying to phase out all of the bot castles as more players are reaching the “endgame”

    5. What about a chat in the social section ?

    I can’t say much about it yet but something like this is coming 😉

    6. Add traps to kill or delay the first troops near the castle ?

    Very cool idea, thank you. Like a moat, yeah? Will consider it. There’s a careful balance with the troops that they’re not too powerful or too useless

    7. Can we save the game progress or link it to an account ?

    Soon will be linked to device (ASAP) and later on we are looking towards adding Facebook linking and such 👍

    8. Maybe replace the idea of islands meeting each others in the vast sea by giant turtles or even floating islands lol

    Hah this could be very cool for some island themes

    in reply to: Discord server #758

    Great idea! Will look into it.

    in reply to: Suggestions & Ideas #757

    Hi WaikatoBro ! I’m super glad to hear you are enjoying our game and I’m very thankful for your feedbacks! Much appreciated 🙏

    1) Replay button so you can action replay after your win/loss

    This is something we wanted to add for some time now for sure. Will be great to record all the funny moments 😄

    2) Fast forward button during a battle.

    Unfortunately this is very hard since Unity physics are not deterministic which means that speeding up the simulation may actually change the outcomes 😬

    For “quick forfeit” you can go through battle settings menu → return to kingdom

    3) In the results screen is it possible to show your rewards level?

    I’m sorry can you elaborate?

    4) Can towers falling on troops cause kills?

    We could try this though then the garrisons should spawn more troops as well since they become even more of a “fodder”

    5)Being able to manually activate your shields would be helpful.

    Problem with adding anything manual is then game ceases to be autobattler… We have ideas to make the shields work much better that’s part of our AI revamp

    6) Setting an aim point during a battle?

    See #5

    7) The ability to unmerge items you have merged maybe?

    Some kind of trade down system might be good, will have to think about the specifics

    8) Upgrading tier 2 weapons to 3

    It’s there now 😮

    9) A wall with a gate that opens and shuts?

    I had an idea for interior that changes that material block to have a corridor through it, this is an advanced version that – very cool! 👍 Thanks!

    10) Save different builds you use to try again later?

    It’s on our list

    11) Sprint option for your garrison?

    Sprint? I’m sorry, please elaborate

    12) A troop type that can be launched via a catapult and can attack weapons?

    Haha I love that idea!! Diferent troops is definitely something I wanna explore. Looking towards ranged/cavalry/”heroes” first but down the line having the troops fight on top of of the pieces sounds wicked!

    in reply to: Shop suggestions #755

    Nah Bro we are developing the game! Sorry for the forums absence I’ve had to take a summer vacation 🙂 Great ideas for the shop ninjabox, will keep those in mind when we’re revamping the shop. How do you find the idea of island themes? Worthwhile to add more? What kind of themes / rulers you would like to see?

    in reply to: Interception #716

    Hehe thank you!! I’m very happy that you are enjoying it!

    Interception is for sure the least functional of the settings currently and I’m surprised/glad you’ve found it working even for the ballista 😆

    We have plans to do major improvements on the AI including targeting accuracy, as it’s by far the biggest grievance currently. But even beyond that the cannon may be ill suited for interception due to it’s fuse time. If not for the fuse time the cannon would just be a superior ballista with it’s similarly direct shot, bigger damange modifier and heavier+faster projectile, no? Troops/interception are meant to be where the ballistas really excel at

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