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    I would love to pay for items here, i enjoy supporting the development of a game i like to play but i cant bring myself to here …yet

    1) your $10 ice wall is half as good as your $5 offer

    2) the .99 cent wooden wall is a waste

    I do however love the inclusion of a free system. (Gold for items)

    I have a couple of ideas for you

    1) do 3 items at once per day 24h reset for gold items

    2) please change the items we can choose from. 4-8 items that rotate daily like the gold items mentioned above

    3) deals. Say offer up a cannon for $5 then have deal special for 4hours where its at a discount price $1.50 or .99 something like that and/or starter packs x wall + weapon + gold = $9.99

    Hope this helps your revenue. And helps us players get things we want!


    Side note: after playing a few hours i thought of another idea

    Mystery chests!

    Add a gems item we can buy for $

    Then we use those to buy mystery chests for loot (walls × weapons x gold x experience)


    I agree with you bro. I am happy to support with $$$ but cant really find anything to buy. I have tons of upgraded weapons and walls and shields/garrisons etc. Im held back simply by power.


    And the shop today is offering an Arcane Room for $21.99NZD!! I have 5 I dont use now!

    I think the developers have moved on to their next new idea.

    Catch ya later!


    Nah Bro we are developing the game! Sorry for the forums absence I’ve had to take a summer vacation 🙂 Great ideas for the shop ninjabox, will keep those in mind when we’re revamping the shop. How do you find the idea of island themes? Worthwhile to add more? What kind of themes / rulers you would like to see?


    I wouldn’t mind to have a few island themes to choose between

    Volcanoes and fire

    Electrified islands

    Maybe an urban area

    The ideas are limitless for those!

    P.s. I lost my first castle lv17 as my phone was stolen last month

    Rebuilding on my new phone now at lv15 but maybe you can add in a way to save progress to Google cloud or something like that so anyone else doesn’t have to go through the process like me


    Yep for sure!

    Sorry to hear about your phone.

    Unfortunately there’s no cloud save quite yet, however we will be able to use it soon and it’s gonna be linked on a device basis and then later on we can add Facebook linking and such.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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