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    New resource: Scrap

    Used for making weapons upgrades with the workshop

    New building: Workshop

    Customize your weapons! You can now fine tune your favorite weapons specifically towards what you want from them and even name them. Choose your upgrades from four different archetypes:

    * BEAST: Heavier projectiles and more force (works great also with improving elemental damage)
    * FERVOR: Reduces cooldown and faster attacks!
    * TALON: Improves damage modifier
    * IMPERVIUS: Greatly increases weapon HP

    Each upgrade can be applied up to 10 times and the power score of the weapon will increase in proportion. Each upgrade requires scrap and consumes a weapon of the same tier matching the upgrade archetype.

    New building: Tavern

    Tavern is similar resource generating building like the Hamlet and the Field, but with a wild card twist — it can yield almost anything! A random selection of adventures will be available periodically, and whether you choose to send more workers on those adventures will affect the success chance instead of duration. Upgrading the tavern will also increase ALL EXP GAIN percentually with each star, +2% per star on tier 1, +3% per star on tier2 and +4% per star on tier3, the boni from stars of previous tiers will be included normally.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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