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Hi hyjuki! Thank you kindly 😊 Great feedback, we will try to make things clearer.

1. The purpose of the grains should be explained, I thought it was necessary to start battles and wondered why it can’t be plundered from enemies lol.

Oof sorry about that. Yeah it’s there for game balance of the treasure. Would it help if points cost is shown on the button?

2. What is the counter 1/1 under the grains ? Is it possible for explanations to appear when we press resources or materials with informations like defense and DPS… ?

We’re looking to add more granular info. Currently there’s the help buttons for kingdom but we could also add more of those elsewhere.

3. We get medals from battles but is there a leaderboard ?

Currently there’s no public leaderboard. It’s likely to be added but the exact format is still under considerations

4. How to know if we are attacking players or bots? I guess we can’t judge by names lol. Can you add battles history so we know if we successfully defended and maybe do revenge ?

Basically if it seems the castle has way too much stuff for their level it’s a bot 😅 We’re trying to phase out all of the bot castles as more players are reaching the “endgame”

5. What about a chat in the social section ?

I can’t say much about it yet but something like this is coming 😉

6. Add traps to kill or delay the first troops near the castle ?

Very cool idea, thank you. Like a moat, yeah? Will consider it. There’s a careful balance with the troops that they’re not too powerful or too useless

7. Can we save the game progress or link it to an account ?

Soon will be linked to device (ASAP) and later on we are looking towards adding Facebook linking and such 👍

8. Maybe replace the idea of islands meeting each others in the vast sea by giant turtles or even floating islands lol

Hah this could be very cool for some island themes