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    Hello, I am enjoying the game so far and I pplan to continue playing. I have some feedback and even some questions:
    Story Missions – It would be nice to see some story missions where you can progress and get rewards depending on the level. Maybe make it to where you have certain Items to use and you have to build your castle/place weapons certain ways. Maybe a story mode where you can actually control a weapon on pretty neat and challenging-desinged castles.
    Extra Space – I know there is plenty of space now but, it would be a great feature to be able to purchase expandable land depending on your level(And of course with a good balance on the capacity limit that your land has.)
    Stats – I think the stats of merged items should be displayed before you actually merge them so you can see what it will do and how much mor health/damage it will do.
    Question – For my question I will use t1 weapons. Catapault and trebutchet has 100 HP and 10 DMG. The ballista has 100 HP and 1 DMG. Are the catapaults and ballistas supposed to one-shot destroy eachother? And for the trebutchet, since reload speed is slower and it tosses the rocks higher, can it deal a slightly more damage?
    Placement – Just a thought but,and please stay with me but, what if some/all weapons can be deployed on the ground? Maybe hanging off the side with some pros and cons.(Maybe just the ballistas and cannons.)
    Ammunition/Troop Type – Just suggesting, especially if weapon DPS and health attributes are adjusted, different troop rooms and different ammunition would be cool to get at a certain merge level.
    Replay – A replay/history would be a good feature.
    Teams – Squad/team/clan guild, whatever you want to name it, a great feature would be to have a team so you can socialize, share battles and have other events/challenges or even friendly battles.
    Challenges/Events – Daily, weekly and even monthly/occasional events would be great to participate in for great fun and rewards.
    Real Time Battle – Maybe have a section on the map, or a small island, to have a real-time battle with another player online.
    Avatars – Different avatars to select from or even collect.
    Stamps/Stickers – Obtainable stickers/stamps to show who defeated their castle as a fun way to interact.
    Shop Items – Different deals on shop depending on level.

    Any Suggestions on my thoughts or anything that anyone would like to add?

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    Hi @Raze Sorry for taking so long to respond, it’s been a busy week for me haha

    First of all thank you for the feed back! Much appreciated

    Story Mode
    We’re working on this

    Extra Space
    Do you mean the total size of the grid or the “power score”?

    Good point, was also suggested earlier. Definitely we will add this

    This is where the wording “damage” is a bit misleading actually: there is a physics calculation into the damage, and this value called “damage” on the stats is actually a multiplier, and the end result will be affected by speed. We’re looking to display more stats on weapons and make clearer the way stats are presented on the building menu in the near future

    There’s no plans for this right now but maybe in the distant future we could explore different placing rules for some more special items

    Ammunition/Troop Type
    Like elementals? For example fire shots?

    Hard to do technically because of reasons, unfortunately. Inspectable history may be doable, but replay is unlikely (except video recording)

    It’s in our long term plans but not an immediate priority

    Does the halloween event fit the bill on this?

    Real Time Battle
    Oh like the AFK arena menu battle?

    We just added 2 new for halloween..

    This sounds cool! Can you elaborate a bit more what you mean by it ?

    Shop Items
    Good point


    Hi Xealgar here with only a few suggestions it would be nice to have battering ram as a troop type and the black hole needs to be easier to acquire maybe by merging the lantern. It would be cool to have a wizard room where you can choose a spell to launch like meteor lightning or tornado. Finally a clan or alliance tab is needed were we can work together to accomplish quests and trade weapons room types and troops. Hope this helps.


    Just thought about after clans are implemented a multi castle battlefield would be killer where we can choose upto 3 participants and direct the waves of attack by touching the desired target.

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