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    Currently, the shield bubbles act very weird. They dont have some sorta smart activation where they obly activate if the SPECIFIC part of the castle is ABOUT to get hit. They activate in a set order every tume something is APPROACHING the castle. It doesnt really matter when youve only got one bubble, but it gets really messy when you’ve got 2 or more. basically, its acting like: “Ah yes, let’s activate the shield on the FRONT to protect the weapons on the BACK”. And its exceptionally bad when you have 2 tier 1 shields and are gring for a third. So here is an idea for a new shield mechanic. Each bubble has a power value. If that value it positive the bubble is activated. with each hit the power goes down. Like in terra tech if you have played it. Crystal rooms buff the recharge of the power and/or cap/resistance. Or a trajectory precalculation, that’d work too.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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