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    This game has a lot of potential. I really love it, but but there’s a few things that I think should be fixed or added. One I think there should be an option when you’re in your Castle menu where you can click on a weapon and choose its primary target, so your catapults maintain fire on the castle and not the troops on the ground, because
    they hit your soldiers and kills them. And I myself when I’m playing the game the catapults shoot so low it hits my own castle. So the whole friendly fire thing is kind of annoying. I’m not saying your own shots shouldn’t do damage to your own things, but I don’t think the Catapult shouldn’t be aiming at the people on the ground they should be aiming at the castle. I’m talking about Auto Battle of course.

    Another thing I think over time when the game really starts to grow and take off I think there should be more building slots for castles and being able to place more weapons. Maybe eventually being able to combine weapons and make them better.

    Is the game developers see this please consider these ideas I love the game.



    Hello Deven31!

    Thank you so much for the feedback and your kind words! We really appreciate it and are happy that you enjoy our game!

    About friendly fire: We know this issue currently and it’s because the AI is calculating what is the more immediate threat and actually you can observe sometimes the AI will then choose that it’s hopeless to try kill the troops and instead it starts to bombard the enemy king’s room to try to finish game faster than the troops can kill yours. Your suggestion is a very interesting solution to choose the weapons priorities in building screen — huge thanks for that. It’s actually something to consider and we may very well end up implementing exactly that. There’s couple of options we were toying with regarding this. One is refining the AI to do more intelligent choices, other is giving player agency in auto battle (choose targets in combat) however the problem with adding control to auto battle is.. well.. then it ceases to be “auto” battle.. 😀 The idea of training your AI is something we are considering also; that would be choosing your parameters to upgrade, adjust etc. Very possible to do because that’s how we already determine personality for enemy AI (there’s about dozen values to adjust for that we can give player access to).

    Building slots: If you mean you can have for example 3 different castles saved at same time yep, will be there eventually. Weapons are currently hard capped at 5 but this will change as soon as we implement our “power score” -system, then we most likely just remove any hard cap and power score will be the only limiting factor about things you can put in castle. The basic idea there is that every material, every weapon and every interior will have their associated cost and you will need to make decisions what you will value more — harder material or more weapons? More troops or more spells? At that point there’s no need to have any hard caps besides the power score itself (and of course total grid size but that should be fringe case), but we can still maintain good balance and do a fair matchmaking.

    Weapon upgrades is also coming very soon, we already have graphics for tier 2 ballista, catapult, trebuchet and cannon, as well as tier 2 troops. They will be upgraded same way as you can make better materials (merge 3x tier 1 -> 1x tier 2)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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