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    Patch notes version 1.4

    New feature: Leaderboards!
    Finally you can show off your supremacy in game! Leaderboards are global, real time ranking across 7 different power score brackets and based on online matchmaking win streak. Now you can show everyone who is the real ruler of the seven seas!

    Leaderboards reset every week and feature the 100 top castles of the following power score ranges:
    300 – 600
    601 – 900
    901 – 1500
    1501 – 3000
    3001 – 6000
    6001 – 9000
    9000 – max
    Leaderboards are refreshed every 15 minutes.

    New content: Halloween Gauntlet 2021
    The beloved gauntlet game mode makes it’s return with 20 all new castles to defeat. Gauntlet is a game mode where your castle doesn’t get repaired between opponents. While the event runs once per day you will receive moonstones for each successive opponent you beat in the gauntlet run so do your best!

    New feature: Boosted battle
    If you are short on resources you can watch a rewarded ad before a match to make it yield scrap, gold and moonstone in addition to the normal treasures and experience. The feature is available below 10 bread and can be used 6 times per day. Scrap yield scales based on the enemy castle and gold yield scales based on your town tier.

    General changes:

    * Projectile mass is now more accurately represented in the physics simulation
    * Melee troops now accumulate individually +1% siege damage for every second on the battlefield
    * Added a tier upgrade available text indicator when a kingdom building is at 5 stars and there exists a higher tier for that building

    Bug fixes:
    * Tier 2 archers no longer shoot at the hill when they spawn to defend against archers
    * Fixed arcane shields becoming permanently deactivated by arcane enchants

    Balance changes:

    Arcane Shield (Tier 1)
    * Duration reduced from 4 to 3.5 seconds

    Arcane Shield (Tier 2)
    * Duration reduced from 4.5 to 4 seconds

    Arcane Shield (Tier 3)
    * Duration reduced from 5 to 4.5 seconds

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