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    This update includes a much requested feature: You can now play against your friends!

    In the Castle building screen you will find the new “Challenge” button. Simply enter any name tag in the text field and select which castle to use to see how you fare against them. Your own name tag is displayed in the same screen for convenience. Name tag can be changed from profile (click on avatar in main menu)

    Balance changes:

    Arcane Enchanters mini black hole (when two arcane shots collide) has been changed from 3 sec duration across all tiers to 0.3/0.6/0.9 and the pull forces from 600 to 600/800/1000. This was done to prevent the game from crashing when too many arcane enchanted high tier ballistas were in play.


    Class 3/Class 4 treasures:
    * Loot tables improved greatly
    * Can now drop tier 3 and 4 weapons and materials

    * Scrap yield for scrapping materials of tiers 2-4 has been significantly improved (higher tier = bigger modifier on yield)
    * Scrap cost for high tier upgrades has been significantly reduced

    Bug fixes:
    * power score going above the limit in certain cases with upgraded weapons
    * merge screen visual being overlapped by build indicators
    * unclaimed rewards prompt sticking for a tiny bit even if rewards were accepted
    * tavern tier 3 EXP job being shorter than intended

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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