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    General changes:

    Power score per level from 50 to 100

    Class II treasure reduced from 400 cost to 250
    Class III treasure reduced from 500 cost to 400
    Class IV treasure increased from 600 cost to 700

    Base treasure points cap reduced from 300 to 200

    Treasury effect for tier 1/2/3 rebalanced from 20/20/20 to 10/30/60 per star (50/150/300 total)

    Additionally class 2-4 treasures now have a very rare chance to contain castle decorations (the available decorations are split to each class about evenly according to value)

    Added 2 new rulers to the shop (Hood Queen & Young King)

    ELEMENTALS ADDED: A new set of interiors that fundamentally change the above weapon’s projectiles can now be found in treasures

      Arcane enchanter (tier 1-3)

    Enchants projectiles of the above weapon to SUBTRACT SHIELDS (-2/-3/-4 seconds active duration) and to cause IMPLOSION (pull & area damage) on collision. When two arcane projectiles meet a mini vortex is created that remains active for 3 seconds. Projectiles also cause a 800/1600/3200 pull force implosion that does 75/150/300 AoE arcane type damage

      Alchemist’s lab (tier1-3)

    Enhances projectiles of the above weapon to EXPLODE (push & area damage) on collision. Super effective against wood. Explosions cause 650/1300/2600 force push and 75/150/300 AoE fire type damage

      Thundermound (tier1-3)

    Makes projectiles of the above weapon SHOCK (+0.5/+1/+1.5 cooldown for interiors) on collision. Can interrupt shields putting them on full cooldown+shock instantly. Any conductive material (iron & crystal) will carry on the shock effect and share the received damage with all affected pieces as well as 50/100/150 electric type damage (every piece receives it in full). Shock duration (added cooldown) is halved for weapons.

    Each material has a resistance to different types of elemental damage. Average resistances are as follows:
    Fire → Wood 1.94x damage
    Fire → Stone 1.35x damage
    Fire → Iron 0.55x damage
    Fire → crystal 0.225x damage
    Arcane → wood 0.5x damage
    Arcane → stone 1.75x damage
    Arcane → iron 1x damage
    Arcane → crystal 0.225x damage
    electric → wood 0.45x damage
    electric → stone 1x damage
    electric → iron 1.44x damage
    electric → crystal 0.45x damage


    Ebony (wood)
    “Extravagant Ebony wood is hardened but springy. A bit less vulnerable to fire as well as much more durable. Warrior spirit of troops residing within is greatly enhanced.” Takes 1.75x fire dmg instead of the normal 2x
    Power score cost: 101
    HP: 2900
    Weight: 800
    +10% local troop stats
    +5% global troop stats

    Rimestone (stone)
    “Rhyme while you work, Time your shots fine, Rimestone easily wont bork, Stands the test of time. Singing siege crews work harder, better and faster.”
    Power score cost: 150
    HP: 4750
    Weight: 1500
    +40% local weapon speed & damage mod.
    +4% global weapon speed
    +8% global weapon dmg mod.

    Brass Clad (iron)
    “Very strong, explosive resistant cladded compound material. One of the best possible materials you can get for protection against physical damage.”
    Power score cost: 322
    HP: 9001
    Weight: 4800
    +200% local weapon HP
    +40% global weapon HP


    Mongoose (ballista)
    Power score: 404
    HP: 1500
    Ammo mass: 30
    Impact damage multiplier: 3
    Projectile start speed: 60
    Cooldown: 1.5

    Warthog (catapult)
    Power score: 320
    HP: 1800
    Ammo gravity: 1.2
    Ammo mass: 66
    Impact damage multiplier: 40
    Projectile start speed: 66
    Cooldown: 3

    Grizzly (trebuchet)
    Power score: 606
    HP: 3000
    Ammo gravity: 2
    Ammo mass: 180
    Impact damage multiplier: 30
    Projectile start speed: 140
    Cooldown: 4

    Hippo (cannon)
    Power score: 566
    HP: 2500
    Ammo mass: 77
    Impact damage multiplier: 33
    Projectile start speed: 77
    Cooldown: 7


    Iron (all tiers)
    * All global and local weapon HP bonus values doubled

    Omega mage
    * Reduced outer perimeter radius

    Star caller
    * Cooldown increased from 25 to 30
    * Power score cost from 600 to 777
    * Now strikes at a tighter angle at the throne room
    * Should properly count as a weapon again

    Wood T3
    * Power score cost increased from 22 to 23
    * HP increased from 900 to 950

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