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    v 0.4.11

    * Added Save Slots! Top right of castle build screen now has 3 slots you can use

    * Fixed bug with game not loading on French loc

    * Fixed bug which caused black hole to always spawn only in center :eyes:

    * Added itsy-bitsy global cool down for weapons so that they don’t all fire at the exact same time (looks cooler and less frequent collisions…maybe)

    * Slight AI tweaks

    * Improved island visuals

    v 0.4

    New AI
    * We’ve rebuilt the AI from the ground up. You will find the shields are working MUCH better now, and also other common points of frustration with the AI have been reduced. It’s still WIP so your feedback is very valuable!

    2 new interiors:
    * Omega Mage, very rare and powerful legendary spell, that causes massive chaos on the battlefield
    * Phantom Lantern, mysterious object with material altering properties

    Treasure reroll:
    * You can now opt to reroll each treasure opened once if you were not satisfied with the RNG. Treasure reroll is available before you made any pick from that opened treasure

    Balance Changes:

    Ballista (tier 1)
    * Power Score cost increased from 11 to 20

    Cannon (tier 1)
    * HP increase from 100 to 160

    Arcane Shield (tier 1)
    * Power Score cost increased from 13 to 60
    * Cooldown increased from 10 to 11.5
    * Size increased from 0.65 to 0.8

    Arcane Shield (tier 2)
    * Power Score cost increased from 37 to 160
    * Cooldown decreased from 11 to 10
    * Size increased from 1.04 to 1.2

    Arcane Shield (tier 3)
    * Power Score cost increased from 77 to 290
    * Cooldown decreased from 12.5 to 12
    * Size increased from 1.37 to 1.4

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