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    Fixed a bug that made it possible to delete the King’s Room (throne room). If you did demolish the King they should now return. Big thanks for fast feedback on the form!

    * AI weapon launch curves adjusted for: trebuchet (tier1&2), catapult (tier1&2), ballista (tier2), cannon (tier1&2)
    * Small modifications to player autobattle AI behavior
    * Tier 1 trebuchet damage multiplier reduced by 30%
    * Tier 2 catapult damage multiplier increased by ~9%
    * Normalized gravity among weapon tiers


    Tier 2 weapon upgrades for ballista, catapult, trebuchet, cannon
    * Use merge feature to make one tier 2 weapon from three tier 1 of the same weapon

    Rebalanced opponents
    * Opponents have been adjusted to pose a bigger challenge, and they will now utilize all available weapons

    Music for Building view and Chest view added

    Quality of life improvements and bug fixes for building and battle

    Visual Polish
    * Glow effects added based on item rarity

    Power Score feature added
    * You will now have to make more decisions about castle building.
    * Hard limit on weapons removed (previously max 5 weapons)
    * Note: This is the first leg of this feature. Power score will increase with player account level when that will be implemented, instead of current flat limit.

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    • This topic was modified 3 years, 12 months ago by phz.
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