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    Loving this game so far but have noticed a couple things. Cool game premise,


    to allow player to choose order of weapon engagement, order of shield deployment

    shields allow a some players to almost never be hit. Maybe change purple: reflect shots, yellow: absorb a shot/no damage, blue: slow shot so it inflicts 50% damage,
    it would balance the scale and duration of shields . This would increase playability across levels. I’ve battled several with a yellow and blue bubble who never took a single impact.

    More upgrades, more island options to build and fill time while making resources.

    Things I’ve noticed:

    AI scaling may be off, way over powered compared to level…
    4 top tier iron, 2 crystal, iron main, tier 1 and 2 infantry, 3 t3 ballista, t3 trebuchet, blue and yellow shield, and filler wood and ancient walls. As one example castle.

    AI weapons seem to do more damage than player weapons, along with shield duration (maybe I’m biased and it just seemed like it)

    Shields don’t activate alot of the time, and the order in which they do seems to promote being hit, not block alot of the time.

    Thanks for the read.


    Oh, and please figure out how to fix my catapult from short shooting to try and hit enemy troops, and hitting the top of my top forward tower, damaging it, and ultimately destroying whatever weapon is behind it, like my trebuchet…


    That idea of different types of shields is very awesome! Thank you! Instead of having them all on the same upgrade path though we could split them to new interiors, something like this:

      Arcane Shield

    Remains as the hard counter to physical damage with it’s blocking and bouncing as it currently is

      Fire Shield

    Absorbs projectiles then unleashes a fiery area of effect based on the amount of damage taken in. Maybe grows or shrinks as it takes shots in

      Ice Shield

    Slows projectiles that enter it drastically but they still remain physics simulated and can fall down/do damage as normal (they will do less damage with slower speed)

    Through the upgrade tiers they would get better stats such as size, grow speed, uptime, etc as well as increasing power score cost ofcourse. The real juicy part comes in interactions: We’ve been toying with the ideas of adding different elementals for a while now and if we expand that concept to shields that adds another layer of combinations. For example if ice projectile hits into fire shield — instead of adding power it will subtract from it, or even disarm it entirely.

    What do you think?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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