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    Hi guys. I suggest in this topic to post some funny stories, related to you, your castles, islands or battles…


    Story 1 :

    Soldier1: This is bad! An enemy’s attacking! Use the shields!
    Shield1: It is in your way shield2 !
    Shield2: I m not prepared. You do it
    Shield1: I m far from it, go for it shield3
    Shield3: I m not responsible for that area
    Soldier2: Oh no! Hurry up!
    Shield4: Stop screaming! I’ll do it
    Ghost1: Too late, dude
    Ghost2: It is all your fault
    Ghost1: Its your fault !!

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    Story 2 :

    There was a king (a player) whose castle wasnt destroyed, not even once. He never lost a single battle. And he built houses hamlet and farms and upgraded them to max… But the citizens weren’t satisfied even though they live well. Guess why?

    Write your opinion then try to read this reversed answer: (from bottom right)

    )nottub elttaB( !sthgif reven eh esuaceb tsol reven eH .selttab diova ot noziroh eht no gnihtemos ees yeht revenehw eelf dna dnalsi eht dnuora nrut ot meht redro eh :yldrawoc oot saw eh esuaceB


    hahah I love these so much 🧡 Thank you hyjuki!


    haha great, here is another one.

    Story 3:
    Disclaimer: All Characters and Events in this story are entirely FICTIONAL. Any Resemblance to actual Events or Persons is entirely COINCIDENTAL.

    Soldier: Welcome, brother Baracke!
    Soldier Baracke: Thank you brother Donalde. I heard about your son’s talent and came to congratulate you.
    Soldier Donalde: Hahaha. Please sit. Come here to greet your uncle, my son Joee!
    Joee: Greetings, uncle Baracke.
    Baracke: Good, good child! I heard that today you displayed a very good talent in magic even if you are only 14 years old. Here is a small gift.
    Joee: Wah.. a low-grade magic wand! thank you uncle!
    Baracke: Hehe, you’re welcome. I’m sure you will be one of the best shielders if you work hard
    Joee: Rest assured uncle, I’ll do my best to protect our castle with the best tier shield and attack our enemies with offensive spells!
    Baracke: ehh.. wizards only have defensive spells.. but it is good to be ambitious, hehehe..
    Donalde: Hahaha right, who knows, he might even invent new spells, hahaha. you can go continue your studies Joee.. Thank you for your troubles, brother Baracke, that wand is expensive.
    Baracke: Hehe no problem, no problem.. now that your family is destined to become noble and rich, don’t forget about your poor brother in the future, hehe
    Donalde: Haha what are you saying.. we are brothers for life, after all
    Baracke: Right, right… So how are the guards of the southern gate doing lately?

    High above the skies, in the heavenly palace…
    God Noboze: Offensive spells?! Wtf are they daydreaming or what. sigh, like father like son…
    Angel deve3: Hmph, that stupid family doesn’t deserve to live.. please allow me to go and exterminate them.
    Noboze: Nah, if we.. wait a minute.. Exterminate?! Are you a demon or an angel ?? Scram!
    deve3: M-My apologies..
    Angel deve1: don’t pay attention to her, My Lord, she is a bit drunk.. besides, that soldier belongs to king Sangriale’s territory, one of the believers who made a winter theme ritual to support us.
    Noboze: Correct. We don’t want to receive his bad prayers in the Bug Temple, we got a lot already. Anyways, did you complete the 7th patch?
    deve1: eh.. N-Not yet..
    Noboze: then what are you doing here??
    deve1: I, I’ll go right now, My Lord…
    Noboze: Wait. Bring me another rainbow ice cream first. and come to my room at midnight to discuss the 8th patch.
    deve1: I-I, I obey, My Lord.
    Nobozz: Huhuhuhu. I think I should increase my harem-ehm I mean my deve angels to protect more believers, Hyhyhyhy..


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