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    Is there any particular reason for this? I just get to sit and watch my soldiers get slaughtered by the enemy weapons and fighters, while my weapons sit there, fully recharged and ready to fire, but they wait until all of my foot soldiers are dead, and THEN they finally fire. If they weren’t destroyed while sitting there. Same with shields.


    Probably they are everytime temporarily dumbfounded by your mighty name…
    No, seriously, it was observed that weapons usually stop working when a lot of troops are out, but troops not from the beginning of battle, did you check weapon’s orders and relocate garrisons to the lower part of the castle ?


    it is an AI fault… The AI is being reworked right now.
    For additional info, please join the Discord Server of the game (Official):


    I have created this account to simply say.
    This is literally gamebreaking, I hope its worked as urgent as possible, half of the battles I lose is sue to my weapons just cease firing especially when enemy units are getting closer to the doors. Or they just wait and dont do anything in a ground battle, instead of firing and finishing the match I end up losing or in a draw for nothing.

    The game is amazing and really good, but this issue kills my experience.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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