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    and my setup


    Wow. It looks like you like ballista more than canons ?.


    Faster firing bro but the major key point is – ballista dont activate shields. I ended up with 50 wins straight. Got a bit boring cause I was just facing the same bot


    I’m adding some new challenges for you in next patch bro 😉


    I was about to make a post about my strong negative feedback since the recent update, until I see this post, and I see the main reason for my opinions being answered.

    Now, I’m questioning… HOW?
    How is this possible to pass testing/patch process. It’s absurd this even exists.

    It’s already bad enough being level 23 and absolutely nothing to play for, but to be playing the last few days and found my shields not activating as much (sometimes not at all), losing more than I am winning, opposite to what was before….

    If I didn’t invest time into the game and actually wish the best for the game, I’d have quit without consideration a day into the game.

    The game is either BROKEN or BADLY DESIGNED.

    It’s hard to imagine this accidentally bypassed internal testing, so I would say badly designed with a hint of broken.

    This game had so much potential, but the team behind are absolutely careless.
    As if two teeneagers thought it would be a good idea to make a game for profit alone.

    Seriously, what’s happening?


    Yep, just tested this exactly.

    No wonder I’m never winning.

    Shields are not even activating the slightest.

    So much for being a strategy game.


    Hi Lhayze!

    I appreciate your passion!

    I can confirm it’s NOT just a couple of teenagers going for a fast profit 🙂 We’ve been doing this for a while now and we are in it for the long haul.

    Shield AI is WIP, as is a lot of the game (it’s in Early Access for a reason). You can help us with good feedback to guide us in the right direction! I’m personally an avid strategy game player and meaningful decisions combined with emergent gameplay mechanics is for sure the direction I want to drive the game at. I’m glad to hear you share that sentiment?


    My motivation is now limited to give adequate feedback.

    I’m effectively losing any game I play because I don’t play all ballista.

    Shield AI a WIP? Sounds like it’s been overlooked, or had a step back.
    How and why is it still possible that shields are negated if opponents have all ballista?

    It’s literally game breaking.

    I would point out I can’t scroll down my weapons menu after upgrading my weapons to the third tier, they’re clickable, but barely. (Pixel 4, Android ofc.)
    They seem to be too many in the dropout box and no option to scroll or view down.

    Why no ranking yet?
    It seems almost pointless to play this game, although to counter what I say, yet here I and many others are still playing… Why? Because we are interested and hoping for better things.

    What’s the roadmap looking like? What’s the priorities? What’s in progress? Give us something!

    I can’t suggest this game to anybody, it lacks feedback from the Devs and lacks any motivation to play the game.


    Maybe it depends on the algorithm.. Maybe it’s because ballista has priority in the beginning of battles, so using many ballistas keeps taking first places on the roster due to their short cooldown.

    When a lot of soldiers appear, weapons and shields stop working. Is that a bug? Or intentional?

    If the devs are a small team that develops and manages a lot of games at the same time, then it is normal for it to have slow improvements. Some things are not as easy to add as they look


    Hi all. I had tried all cannon but kept getting smashed cause they would bounce back from shields. I tend to devwlop my bases based on what beats me and go from their. Ballista atm beats everything cause of the faster firing rate and cause it doesnt activate the shields. Im at 92 wins in a row atm. Level 23 I thing. Im gonna try a newbsetup based on the n shaped AI base that opposes me and see how it goes.

    Like the devs said – its early access and in development.


    My base and the opposition

    I have face the same AI base for the last 80 wins approx. Would be good to face more the same level and higher.

    Im going to replicate the AI base and try that setup.

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