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haha great, here is another one.

Story 3:
Disclaimer: All Characters and Events in this story are entirely FICTIONAL. Any Resemblance to actual Events or Persons is entirely COINCIDENTAL.

Soldier: Welcome, brother Baracke!
Soldier Baracke: Thank you brother Donalde. I heard about your son’s talent and came to congratulate you.
Soldier Donalde: Hahaha. Please sit. Come here to greet your uncle, my son Joee!
Joee: Greetings, uncle Baracke.
Baracke: Good, good child! I heard that today you displayed a very good talent in magic even if you are only 14 years old. Here is a small gift.
Joee: Wah.. a low-grade magic wand! thank you uncle!
Baracke: Hehe, you’re welcome. I’m sure you will be one of the best shielders if you work hard
Joee: Rest assured uncle, I’ll do my best to protect our castle with the best tier shield and attack our enemies with offensive spells!
Baracke: ehh.. wizards only have defensive spells.. but it is good to be ambitious, hehehe..
Donalde: Hahaha right, who knows, he might even invent new spells, hahaha. you can go continue your studies Joee.. Thank you for your troubles, brother Baracke, that wand is expensive.
Baracke: Hehe no problem, no problem.. now that your family is destined to become noble and rich, don’t forget about your poor brother in the future, hehe
Donalde: Haha what are you saying.. we are brothers for life, after all
Baracke: Right, right… So how are the guards of the southern gate doing lately?

High above the skies, in the heavenly palace…
God Noboze: Offensive spells?! Wtf are they daydreaming or what. sigh, like father like son…
Angel deve3: Hmph, that stupid family doesn’t deserve to live.. please allow me to go and exterminate them.
Noboze: Nah, if we.. wait a minute.. Exterminate?! Are you a demon or an angel ?? Scram!
deve3: M-My apologies..
Angel deve1: don’t pay attention to her, My Lord, she is a bit drunk.. besides, that soldier belongs to king Sangriale’s territory, one of the believers who made a winter theme ritual to support us.
Noboze: Correct. We don’t want to receive his bad prayers in the Bug Temple, we got a lot already. Anyways, did you complete the 7th patch?
deve1: eh.. N-Not yet..
Noboze: then what are you doing here??
deve1: I, I’ll go right now, My Lord…
Noboze: Wait. Bring me another rainbow ice cream first. and come to my room at midnight to discuss the 8th patch.
deve1: I-I, I obey, My Lord.
Nobozz: Huhuhuhu. I think I should increase my harem-ehm I mean my deve angels to protect more believers, Hyhyhyhy..