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@hyjuki sure did, thank you! One of the reasons that inspired me to make this topic 🙂 How do you feel about a storm wizard? (Btw there is wind already in the game, that mechanics not very much utilized though). About #12 its cool and something I also considered but leaning against it since it makes it easy to “optimize the fun” out of the game for yourself, you feel? Like I like having a powerful castle, but if its optimal for me to make it forcefull less powerful im limiting my joy of causing destruction and winning games artificially

we actually had plans for something like that like a “spy” interior back when the game was still manual control haha. In the autobattle context I dont think it will be that fun

There’s definitely more buildings I wanna add but you have to consider they all need art assets etc
Upgrading weapon stats from a kingdom building is definitely something I’m very keen of. Like a “weapons workshop” that exactly as you said lets you upgrade various things maybe even give like a multi shot. Ofc every upgrade will increase power cost as well since its then a better weapon