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My motivation is now limited to give adequate feedback.

I’m effectively losing any game I play because I don’t play all ballista.

Shield AI a WIP? Sounds like it’s been overlooked, or had a step back.
How and why is it still possible that shields are negated if opponents have all ballista?

It’s literally game breaking.

I would point out I can’t scroll down my weapons menu after upgrading my weapons to the third tier, they’re clickable, but barely. (Pixel 4, Android ofc.)
They seem to be too many in the dropout box and no option to scroll or view down.

Why no ranking yet?
It seems almost pointless to play this game, although to counter what I say, yet here I and many others are still playing… Why? Because we are interested and hoping for better things.

What’s the roadmap looking like? What’s the priorities? What’s in progress? Give us something!

I can’t suggest this game to anybody, it lacks feedback from the Devs and lacks any motivation to play the game.