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I was about to make a post about my strong negative feedback since the recent update, until I see this post, and I see the main reason for my opinions being answered.

Now, I’m questioning… HOW?
How is this possible to pass testing/patch process. It’s absurd this even exists.

It’s already bad enough being level 23 and absolutely nothing to play for, but to be playing the last few days and found my shields not activating as much (sometimes not at all), losing more than I am winning, opposite to what was before….

If I didn’t invest time into the game and actually wish the best for the game, I’d have quit without consideration a day into the game.

The game is either BROKEN or BADLY DESIGNED.

It’s hard to imagine this accidentally bypassed internal testing, so I would say badly designed with a hint of broken.

This game had so much potential, but the team behind are absolutely careless.
As if two teeneagers thought it would be a good idea to make a game for profit alone.

Seriously, what’s happening?