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9. The garrison has archers in addition to swordsmen ? Or a new type of garrison…

Not yet but I hope we can add them!

10. We didn’t forget our main enemy the witch in the introduction lol, so maybe a compaign where we battle her various minions and free the innocent villagers 😜

I hear you :)) May be Bianca will return as some kind of boss level…

11. This is a crazy idea: in order to upgrade your castle you need various resources, like food and people to train soldiers, and wood iron gold for walls and weapons.. so you have to manage a city by gathering resources and building houses farms and camps… for example, instead of getting a ballista from the treasure chest, you will need to make it with wood iron and coins

There’s certainly more stuff I wanna do with the Kingdom but limiting castle building I don’t want in a way that is in friction with creativity — what I mean is you should be able to try stuff out and do adjustments. How resources will be cool to use is they allow you to work towards the kind of strategy you wanna employ, but you can still always make changes to your path. Does that make sense?