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Hi, thanks for your answer.

3. I found that the medals are the experience points gained, and not related to the rankings lol
6. Yes like a moat, holes, sharp stakes and obstacles …
8.for themes yeah, but the main theme shows islands moving like ships… well it doesn’t matter lol

Other ideas:
9. The garrison has archers in addition to swordsmen ? Or a new type of garrison…
10. We didn’t forget our main enemy the witch in the introduction lol, so maybe a compaign where we battle her various minions and free the innocent villagers ๐Ÿ˜œ
11. This is a crazy idea: in order to upgrade your castle you need various resources, like food and people to train soldiers, and wood iron gold for walls and weapons.. so you have to manage a city by gathering resources and building houses farms and camps… for example, instead of getting a ballista from the treasure chest, you will need to make it with wood iron and coins