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Hi kimpievikie!

Thanks for the great feedback. Glad you’re enjoying Siege Castles!

There’s a couple of reasons why there was longer time between this patch and last but hopefully we can pick up the pace going forward.. we definitely want to do more updates faster. Thank you for bearing with us.

We like the mission suggestion a lot! There are plans for achievements that sort of fill the same function, but would be persistent. Having randomized objectives like you outlined to complement the persistent achievements sounds perfect. Instead of mission specific points though I would add that to the gold which will be the basic game resource you earn by playing or maybe that’s exactly what you meant also. Then there will be randomized selection of items ever day for purchase with gold, which you could get in variety of ways like battles, achievements, missions etc. making it easier to gear towards specific castle strategy. I would prefer to keep items to one resource (gold) at this point just to limit the amount of different resources we need to add. So the basic idea for progression looks like that: experience(XP)→ Power Score(levels) and gold → items. That way it can all scale nicely hand-in-hand with playtime.

Maybe later on we can do some seasonal events with missions for event specific points that will have exclusive unlocks? I really do fancy your idea for new unlock only coming from missions but we need to be a bit careful at this point to not do too many different resources 😅