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Hi @Raze Sorry for taking so long to respond, it’s been a busy week for me haha

First of all thank you for the feed back! Much appreciated

Story Mode
We’re working on this

Extra Space
Do you mean the total size of the grid or the “power score”?

Good point, was also suggested earlier. Definitely we will add this

This is where the wording “damage” is a bit misleading actually: there is a physics calculation into the damage, and this value called “damage” on the stats is actually a multiplier, and the end result will be affected by speed. We’re looking to display more stats on weapons and make clearer the way stats are presented on the building menu in the near future

There’s no plans for this right now but maybe in the distant future we could explore different placing rules for some more special items

Ammunition/Troop Type
Like elementals? For example fire shots?

Hard to do technically because of reasons, unfortunately. Inspectable history may be doable, but replay is unlikely (except video recording)

It’s in our long term plans but not an immediate priority

Does the halloween event fit the bill on this?

Real Time Battle
Oh like the AFK arena menu battle?

We just added 2 new for halloween..

This sounds cool! Can you elaborate a bit more what you mean by it ?

Shop Items
Good point