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Hi @ThePhwner

Thank you for the criticism

Regarding the RNG of battles I must say we are treading a fine line between too much and too little randomness. Especially now that our new AI is operational and it’s possible for us to make very precise calculations. IF there’s not enough randomness the projectiles will always collide in the middle in the same way and it’s very lame. If there’s too much the game doesn’t feel skillful anymore. Sad to hear we have failed you on that front but I want to acknowledge that issue because I think the game certainly deserves a proud skill element.

I have to hard disagree about P2W since we baked in the Power Score at a very early stage especially to combat that kind of issues. So it’s more of a matter of balancing the numbers. Basic philosophy is the power score should always reflect how good/useful that item is looking at it objectively, so you could always build the best possible castle of the tools in your disposal.

You can actually forfeit a match: just click through to settings from the little cog icon top left of the battle screen then “Return to Kingdom”