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I spent the evening playing and trying to really monitor how things work. Ultimately I decided to delete the app as my frustration level was higher than any game I can recall playing in years.

You have a great concept and great graphics. Things run smoothly and there don’t seem to be “errors” where things don’t work. However at the end of the day:

1. Battle mechanics and timing are totally random. You have no way to know if or when weapons, shields, garrisons will deploy. This is honestly crazy. Given the level of effort, and quite frankly money, required to progress in this game, it should be more consistent, at least somewhat predictable. You should be able to build a system that behaves in a fairly consistent fashion. However after an evening of watching weapons fire half the time and shields not deploying despite being deployable, I couldn’t deal with it anymore. Especially given that…

2. This is clearly a P2W game. The rate at which you progress without putting in some $$ is prohibitively slow and will ultimately drive away any players who don’t want to spend. And it’s on the more expensive end of P2W games. So immediately you’ve taken out any real strategy, skill, or competition because ultimately whoever spends the most $$ to get the strongest weapons and walls will win. Especially since…

3. You alluded to a lot of other features but as it stands you have castle battles and limited resource producing things like the Field and the Barracks. There’s no Guilds, no rankings, no acheivements or records, no quests or goals… just an expensive grind.

4. It’s really quite stupid that you can’t forfeit a battle in progress. Some of these drag on and on with it being clear who the winner will be yet all you can do is sit and wait for it to finish.

I’m ultimately a bit sad about this because the concept is so great and the art involved is a lot of fun. But this is a battle game and the battle mechanics are beyond broken.

Maybe by the time you make it to the official release it will be a different story but for now I am out. Best of luck.