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For my last odservation for this post. Let use an analogy. If a 300 pound pro boxer and a 100 pound midget get in a fight. During the fight their fist meet in the air. What do you think would happen? Because right now that it your balista and trebushe quirk. Is a level 1 and a level 3 hit in the air they stop and drop. When in reality the level 3 should slam back the level 1.

You mean ballista t3 bolt hitting trebuchet t1? Whole heartedly agree there. It’s to do with the weights and how the physics works, will look into adjusting the values when we can get the intercept option back in the game.

The experiance point system has a major turn off to any rpg gamer. I have screen shots of being pair against a level 26. I won and yet got the same 40 points as the level 17 guy a bit before that. GIANT turn away to any long term gamer.

Are you talking about EXP or treasure points here? EXP is calculated from power score right now so maybe they were running a castle way below their limit.

The blatent made to look cool castle at level 17 that I bet are from when the game needed more playes need to go away. I just realized I have not seen it in a few days so maybe you already removed it.

Yes we’re actively trying to get rid of the fall-back bot castles being ever shown. Nice to hear our efforts are working ☺️

Like I said I love the game and play 2 to 3 times a day. Just pointing out a few things that hard core gamers would dislike.

Certainly appreciate it a lot. Thank you for taking the time to write the feedbacks. 🙏