December newsletter

Season’s greetings!

Merge is the last core system regarding castle building that was added. Now you can combine 3 of the same material tier for one of higher tier in the same type (tier 1 wood → tier 2 wood, tier 1 stone → tier 2 stone etc.). Merging has some really awesome effects so go check it out! We’ve also added names and descriptions for materials and items so there may be some hints of what’s to come :’)

December also saw the addition of Crystal material which is excitingly our first material with gameplay affect. Placing a crystal block in the castle will decrease spell cooldowns for the whole castle and even more intensely for any spellcaster placed inside. Crystal is very fragile physically so you will have to make sure you have other means to guarantee structural integrity.

Winter theme is now available for purchase! Support the game development and get cozy on a snowy landscape with a whole new soundtrack.

Proudly Android & iOS are in complete parity as well so head on over to your local app distributor and grab Siege Castles for your leisure!



Happy Holidays!