Siege Castles – Troops are here!

Download new release of Siege Castles mobile game from Google Play!

New features:

– Defend your King at all costs!

– Troops are here! Defend your castle against ground forces and unleash counter attacks to storm your opponent’s castle.

– Collect all new material blocks to fortify your stronghold.

– Experience polished gameplay with lots of new visual effects.

– New improved AI with unique personalities.

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Siege Castles mobile game description:

Siege Castles is a physics based Castle VS Castle tactical artillery mobile game.

This is an early release of Siege Castles and it works as a playable demo to show you a glimpse of the fun gameplay. The game will be available for free-to-play with features like:

• Build your own Castle. Design it how you like and use different materials

• Unlock new Siege weapons like Catapults, Ballistae etc. and use them in battle

• Assault the enemy Castle with waves of Troops

• Claim epic rewards and get powerful upgrades to your Castle

• Expand your Kingdom and rule the world of islands!