Games First hosted by Supercell

PHZ Game Studios and Apprien teams participated at Games First hosted by Supercell. It was held at the Cable Factory on Thursday the 8th of June. Supercell has hosted the legendary and highly awaited Games First events already from 2014 onwards. They were organised both in Helsinki and London. Due to the mandatory and unfortunate brake of events over the covid-pandemic period also games first was on hold but are now finally back!

It is an event for game developers to meet other game developers and to strengthen networks. The idea behind this event is to meet other game developers and people in the games industry so that we can learn from each other and to share knowledge along with experiences.

In addition to exquisite keynote speakers the legendary game demo session, where you can show what kind of game you are working on, allowed a concrete glance to what kind of new ideas are twirling around in the game developing field. 

This is such a professional and fun event and we had a blast! Thank you for the invite Supercell!