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the 3rd stone wall says “missing localization”

Good catch. Fixed it

Also, scrolling on the description of items doesn’t work, everytime i try to, it deselects the item

We’re aware of this unfortunately. You can drag an item any item to the right side anywhere then it let’s you use the description box normally until we can squash that bug

Also, there should be a way to earn exp quicker.
Either getting more exp from having a higher streak, or a building (like the farm/village)

I’ll probably make the exp scale with your own power score on top of the current scaling, which takes into account the disparity between you and your opponent. That means it already does kinda have a bonus for winstreak albeit indirectly

Maybe increase the amount of space we have to place items. I just went up against a level 63 or so bot. I mean, I won without being hit, but still.

Oh wow. What kind of build are you using if I may ask? Btw increasing build area is something we did actually consider, though I would still keep the smaller area at start of game to not overwhelm new players so perhaps the expansion would be something to reach and unlock as part of the game progress