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7) The ability to unmerge items you have merged maybe?
in my opinion it is better without it since it isn’t possible in reality lol
11) Sprint option for your garrison?
I think it means to order soldiers to run/accelerate in a short period of time? once they leave the castle or in the middle of the way depending on the selected options?
it is good for evading weapons attacks but useless near enemy soldiers. I guess there is no need for it if they will add cavalry ?
12) A troop type that can be launched via a catapult and can attack weapons?
so they do the same thing as other weapons? or they are better because they can survive the impact above walls and move towards the weapons? In that case soldiers should be deployed near weapons to face them too?
I dont like the idea because they shouldn’t sacrifice their own people (interception)… maybe using burning rocks and projectiles to increase damage is better instead, and adding some kind of magic attack ?