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Hi WaikatoBro ! I’m super glad to hear you are enjoying our game and I’m very thankful for your feedbacks! Much appreciated 🙏

1) Replay button so you can action replay after your win/loss

This is something we wanted to add for some time now for sure. Will be great to record all the funny moments 😄

2) Fast forward button during a battle.

Unfortunately this is very hard since Unity physics are not deterministic which means that speeding up the simulation may actually change the outcomes 😬

For “quick forfeit” you can go through battle settings menu → return to kingdom

3) In the results screen is it possible to show your rewards level?

I’m sorry can you elaborate?

4) Can towers falling on troops cause kills?

We could try this though then the garrisons should spawn more troops as well since they become even more of a “fodder”

5)Being able to manually activate your shields would be helpful.

Problem with adding anything manual is then game ceases to be autobattler… We have ideas to make the shields work much better that’s part of our AI revamp

6) Setting an aim point during a battle?

See #5

7) The ability to unmerge items you have merged maybe?

Some kind of trade down system might be good, will have to think about the specifics

8) Upgrading tier 2 weapons to 3

It’s there now 😮

9) A wall with a gate that opens and shuts?

I had an idea for interior that changes that material block to have a corridor through it, this is an advanced version that – very cool! 👍 Thanks!

10) Save different builds you use to try again later?

It’s on our list

11) Sprint option for your garrison?

Sprint? I’m sorry, please elaborate

12) A troop type that can be launched via a catapult and can attack weapons?

Haha I love that idea!! Diferent troops is definitely something I wanna explore. Looking towards ranged/cavalry/”heroes” first but down the line having the troops fight on top of of the pieces sounds wicked!