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Excited to see your new updated version. Sorry I missed out on the Beta testing. I’ve been quarantined since January, with no relief in sight, as of yet. So all I do is play gaming apps and watch history documentaries and biographies with the occasional sci-fi, action, feel good movies thrown in. But this game has always intrigued me. The limitations glare, but I think the possibilities to improve are there. And you are trying I see.
Troops: more of them? Increase how many rooms can hold. Can be trained to different levels? Infantry, Cavalry, archers, knights!
Crystal room: upgradeable in Strength, and same as troops, or more crystal rooms amd if joined make a bigger stronger bubble. Of course all these abilities come with the loot, as usual. Oh yes and numbers! Is the crystal room stronger than the iron room? Or is there a difference in their strengths, ie one room has Def 8 vs Def 15 in strengths.and weapons. Why can’t I have 2 second level cannons or more. Get rid of alto battle and then it comes down to who’s troops/weapons are trained better. Aw gee, I hope to see some of that in the updated version!